Electronic health, shortly eHealth mainly refers to health informatics and means usage of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for health purposes. The rapid evolution of eHealth applications causes a transformation not only in healthcare, but also in the relationship between health professionals and patients. On the one hand, these developments can enable longer and healthier life for human beings. On the other hand, they present some side effects. Indeed, the rapid development of health informatics raises new problems related to personal data protection. To solve these problems, the role of the intrinsic structure of the technology should be recognized. From this point of view, this article begins with describing new developments related to eHealth. In the light of these instances, the study tries to evaluate the legal problems in the field and to propose some new solutions. In this sense, there needs to be a perspective which strengthens the control of data subject on her personal health related data, supports transparency of the process and takes into consideration different components of technology. Projecting this perspective to the interpretation of both the current regulations and the construction of new ones can be helpful to create a balance between fundamental rights and technological developments. To protect the rights of individuals without setting barriers to technology as well as applying ethical principles that systematize this perspective will foster a healthier future.

Keywords: Health law, health informatics technologies, eHealth, information-communication technologies (ICTs), health related data protection.

You can find the link and original paper below:



Author: Elif Küzeci/Bahçeşehir University

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