How will health data be processed in the context of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

EDPB Chair declared how to process the personal data in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Although there is a great attention for consent of data subject in GDPR, it is put on the back burner regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The employers and the competent public health authorities may process personal data in the context of epidemics, without the need to obtain the consent of the data subject in order to protect public health or vital interests (Art. 6 and 9 of the GDPR).

In addition, anonymization, which is the principle of the ePrivacy Directive, was also pushed into background. It is mentioned in the Statement, the Member States may introduce legislative, which is possible under the condition that it constitutes a necessary, appropriate and proportionate measure within a democratic society, measures pursuing national security and public security .

No explanation has been made by the Board of Personal Data Protection of Turkey yet.

You may reach the Statement below:

Click to access edpb_covid-19_20200316_press_statement_en.pdf

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